Title (JP) : ヤギとわたしとNullの夢。
 Title (EN) : Yagi to watashi to Null no yume (Dream of Null)
 Words and Music : か研 (Kasei Lab) / Kaken (Kasei Lab)
 Vocal : Hatsune Miku V4X
 Chorus : Hatsune Miku V4X
 DATE : 26 Apr 2019 
 JAN/UPC/EAN : 4511820976650

 ニコニコ動画 / niconico
 哔哩哔哩 / bilibili

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 Piapro (off vocal tracks, KARAOKE)


 a girl hid the blue in the sky
 getting half rotten feel,
 calling a story she made

 Butterfly drunk on nectar
 still dreaming a dreams of Null

 cause it's near
 back and forth

 You'll find the blue on the street
 out-of-date Musiek touch it
 good notes you made

 How do Null work ?   sweetie sows
 still sowing the seeds of Null

 cause it's near
 back and forth

 Sing a mystic song for ya geek girl
 Goats have noble tongues

 Stealing honey & my shabby heartaches,
 the old witch talks bitter

 My eyes turned bloody red
 you gonna kiss me or not?

 the blue would back in its place
 blooming forget-me-not

 菜の花ゆれて 嗤うミツバチ 午後の夢
 はるなわすれそ 古い栞が風に浮かんだ

 白石さんちのヤギが 煙突のぼった
 手紙もたべず 毎日じーっと遠く見た

 はるはやてに 赤くそまる 
 まぶた裏の わすれな草

 春疾風に 身を揺らして
 空に溶けた ひこうき雲